The Benefits Of Selling Your Ugly Duckling House

Posted on: 25 November 2014

Believe it or not, your eyesore of a home is actually greatly beneficial to you, especially where you wallet is concerned. Learn just why your ugly duckling house is going to net you many benefits when it comes time to sell, and why you shouldn't do anything to upgrade your home in the meantime:

The potential swan appeal

Maybe your home's design is completely ludicrous. Maybe your main door entry is via the garage or the deep gray brick with hot pink trim just isn't cutting it. Whatever it is that makes your home look like a forgotten science project is exactly what real estate agents clamor for.

Why? Because your ugly duckling home actually has a swan appeal to buyers- they love the fact that they can "rescue" your ugly house and turn it into their dream home, and create an emotional attraction to your home that makes even you cringe. If you want to sell your home fast, it's ugly appeal will be the ticket to put cash in your wallet quickly.

It may be ugly, but it's unique

Another odd reason why your ugly house will sell big on the market is this- it certainly is unique. So the next time you curse that half bath tucked under your stairs or the 4-inch wall-to-wall shag carpeting in your basement, remember that the reason why your home is likely to sell is because it has unique features that other homes don't. Your home may be one ugly diamond in the rough, but to someone else, it's an easy and memorable sell.

Real estate agents love ugly houses

For some reason, realtors love to showcase ugly and fixer upper homes. Whether it's because the price is stellar or you just have a house that stands out on a page full of other listings, you're more likely to get an agent to take your homely domain under their wing and shove it in the faces of everyone looking for a home like it's a brand new baby. This type of commitment gets your home sold fast, and allows someone else to have the opportunity to own an ugly duckling home of their very own.

Love it and leave it- your ugly duckling home is likely going to sell on the market quickly. Consider yourself lucky that you have an ugly home, and know that for all its eyesore qualities, it's sure to sell quickly and become a real gem for someone else who will love it. For more help or information, contact a company such as HomeVestors of America, Inc. to learn more.