• Six Reasons To Hire A Property Management Firm For Your Rental Property

    To effectively manage your rental property, you really do need to like working with people. You also need patience, an affinity for detail and the ability to make difficult and sometimes unpopular decisions. If you don't have these management skills, or simply want to hand the reins to someone else, consider hiring a property management firm. Here are six reasons to sign a contract with these skilled professionals. Better Screening for Quality Tenants [Read More]

  • Lost Laser-Cut Car Keys? 4 Vital Steps To Prevent The Theft Of Your Vehicle

    Oh, no! You've lost the laser-cut keys to your car and you aren't sure where. Perhaps they're just laying around your house somewhere, or maybe they're sitting in the street just waiting for a car thief to come along and discover them. Once that thief has their hands on your keys, all they have to do is hit the alarm button, hop in the car that's honking and flashing and be on their way. [Read More]

  • 2 Things To Look For In A New Apartment

    When you start looking at new apartments, you might be more concerned about finding a place close to your college campus and great restaurants than you are about anything else. However, while it is always nice to have a short commute and access to decent takeout, those things might pale in comparison with other features later. Here are two things to look for in a new apartment, so that you don't regret signing that contract. [Read More]

  • A Range-Top Fire Suppression System Can Keep You From Being Homeless

    It is common knowledge that cooking is the leading cause of residential structural fires. It is also the leading cause of home fire injuries. What many homeowners do not realize is that there are some very simple steps that they can take to reduce their chances of having a fire in the kitchen. One of these steps is installing a simple range-top fire suppression system. When you combine this installation with another few simple steps, you will not only help keep you and your family safe, but keep yourself from being homeless as well. [Read More]

  • Lock Bumping: What Property Owners Need To Know

    Lock bumping is a method that some criminals use to pick pin tumbler locks. It's relatively easy to learn how to open a lock this way, and an increase in 'how-to' videos online has led to a surge in lock bumping incidents across the United States. If you want to protect your home against this security threat, learn how lock bumping works and find out how you can make it harder for thieves to get access to your property in this way. [Read More]

  • How To Donate Your Tax Deductible Clothing And Shoes Through Your Moving Company

    If you're tempted to throw out your unwanted clothing and shoes before you move to your new home, donate them instead. Your donations may be tax deductible, as well as wanted or needed by other people. Your local movers may take your donations off your hands before you locate to your new home. They can donate these items to a local organization, such as a church or thrift store. Afterward, you receive a receipt of your donated items that you can deduct from your annual taxes. [Read More]

  • How To Get Roaches Out Of Your New Apartment

    One of the major problems with moving to a new apartment is that it isn't really new, it's just new to you. That means that you may have to deal with the consequences of the previous tenant's actions. Sometimes, the result is that you may have roaches in your apartment without making a single mistake. Keep Everything Very, Very Clean Roaches will eat just about anything, so it is basically impossible to starve the menaces out. [Read More]

  • 3 Things Every Property Management Firm Should Have

    After managing your own rental properties for the past few years, you might be ready to surrender your duties to a property management firm. You may be leery of this because you might not think a management firm will care about your properties like you do, but this isn't necessarily the case. These firms often get paid based on performance, which gives them an incentive to place a lot of care, thought, and time into your properties. [Read More]

  • The Buzz On Bees: Why We Need Them, And What To Do If You Need Them Gone

    Bees are amazing little creatures. The clever little insects not only turn nectar into tasty honey for people to enjoy, they also keep plants and crops going strong through their pollination techniques. But, they can also be a nuisance, especially if they decide to make their home in your home or garden. There's no doubt that bees play an important role in nature, but sometimes you have to step in and move them away from your own space in order to keep bees and humans safe and happy. [Read More]

  • Prepare For A Career As A Locksmith By Taking A Computer Course In High School

    The locksmith industry offers young workers, even those just out of high school, a long and stable career. Working as a locksmith does not require a four-year degree from a university, and the median national wage for locksmiths was $39,820 in 2013. The industry is rapidly changing, though, and aspiring locksmiths need to prepare themselves for the future. If you hope to open the locks of the future, consider taking a computer course in high school. [Read More]