Three Reasons You Should Rent A Townhome Before Buying A House

Posted on: 4 May 2016

If you have always rented apartments and you are in the market to buy a single family home, you may not want to move so fast. Going from an apartment to a single family home will necessitate more lifestyle changes than you have anticipated. In the months before and during the time you are searching for a home, you may want to try out living in a townhome. Here is why you may want to transition by way of townhomes first. 

The space necessity

Depending on the size of your family (with the inclusion of pets) you may not be aware of just how much more space you will have in single family homes. Depending on the apartments that you have lived in before, the amount of space that you will receive in a single family home can be daunting. While inside of a townhome, you may determine that the amount of space that you will receive inside of the single family homes that you have short-listed are not worth the effort. 

How doable are neighbors?

After living in attached apartment units and attached condominium units, you can determine just how much space or seclusion you want and desire in your home. If you prefer having access to neighbors and tend to desire a more friendly and open vibe, this may lead you towards neighborhoods in the city with the same type of feel. On the other hand, if you determine that you dislike being nearby others, you may select a home on the outskirts with more land between the homes. The true way to learn what you desire is to try alternatives to what you are looking for. 

Townhomes can negate need for storage

When people are moving into a new home they may either begin gathering furniture and using a storage unit, or hold off on buying any sort of new furniture until moving. While waiting until moving can be a good idea, chances are you will not be able to shop around for deals and you will find yourself making rushed decisions. If you scout around for deals on home furnishings and use storage, you may find yourself signing a lease that you either don't need or having to continuously extend the storage lease. With a townhome upgrade from an apartment, you can begin furnishing the townhome with your future furniture. You may also be able to keep extra furniture in the spare rooms and the garage. Being prepared ahead of time is always better than rushing after closing on a home.