Fix These Exterior Things On Your Home Before Listing It For Sale

Posted on: 22 March 2017

If you want to get top dollar for your home when you sell it, then it is important that prospective buyers see your home as one that has been properly maintained. A well-maintained home is attractive to buyers because it gives them a sense of security that they are purchasing a house that is not likely to have a lot of hidden problems. So that the exterior of your home shows as one that has been well maintained, fix these important things before listing your home for sale with a real estate agent:

Overgrown Landscaping

If your front yard has trees or large bushes, make sure that you trim them back before trying to sell your home. Also, take the time to clean up the flower beds, pull weeds, and fertilize your lawn so it will look great for potential buyers. While you do not need to spend a lot of time or money to clean up the yard, you should remove overgrowth and weeds because they send a message to buyers that they will have a lot of yard work to do if they buy your house. 

Loose Siding or Cracked Stucco on the Outside of Your Home

As you work on the landscaping, inspect the entire exterior of your home looking for:

  • loose siding or cracked stucco
  • bare wood or missing paint on wood trim
  • broken or overflowing rain gutters

If you find any siding that is loose, then you need to reattach it. If your home is made of stucco and you find any cracks, you should purchase a tube of stucco patch material at your hardware store and patch the cracks before listing your house. 

Sand and Paint Any Bare Wood on the Exterior of Your Home

If the paint has started to peel on the wood trim on the outside of your home, then you should sand it down and repaint it. Peeling paint, even in just a small area, sends a signal to potential buyers that your home's exterior has been ignored and that there could be wood rot or termite problems. One afternoon of sanding and painting can completely remove this fear for potential buyers and make it easier for your agent to sell your home.

Broken or Overflowing Rain Gutters

Finally, if you discovered any broken or signs of overflowing rain gutters during your inspection, then you need to fix these issues as well. If the rain gutters have been dumping out water in areas other than their downspouts, then you need to unclog them. If your rain gutters are broken, then you need to either fix them or have them professionally repaired.