Unexpected Ways You May Use Toothpicks When Staging And Listing Your House

Posted on: 22 March 2017

As you are placing your home for sale, you probably are thinking in terms of selling it for top dollar and moving on to your dream house. You may be perusing house listings daily. However, there are a lot of practical matters that must be considered before you move out of the house you're in and on to more upscale pastures.

When you are ready to list your home, talk to your real estate agent about preparing your home for showings. There's one tool that you may end up using when staging your house: toothpicks. However, toothpicks can be an invaluable tool to help your home look great and impress potential home buyers.

Cleaning the Crevices of Your Home and Décor

Nobody wants to buy a home that looks messy and dirty. While it's true that all families make their homes filthy and messy at some point, people want to imagine that the home they're considering is free from such rancor. Take action to make sure your home looks thoroughly before potential home buyers arrive to look it over and, let's face it, sometimes judge it. They do need to discover if it's for them. A toothpick can help make the difference between an impressed buyer and one who quickly moves on.

Take a toothpick and clean the small crevices of your home where dirt and bacteria may accumulate. It won't reassure a potential home buyer if they look at your thermostat buttons and see grime. Take the time to clean all the surfaces of the home, even the small ones on furniture, appliances, and devices before showing your home. To take care of the small crevices with a toothpick, put rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab, then arrange it around the surface as you apply slight pressure to the toothpick.

Staging Your Garden

An underestimated part of preparing your home for a showing is the landscaping. The exterior of your home will actually be the first thing that potential home buyers see, and the first impression is often the strongest one they will have. If you lose home buyers before they even step foot in your home, it is treading water for the rest of the showing to try to get them to regain their interest.

You can use toothpicks in several parts of staging your landscaping. For starters, you may surround the base of a garden seedling with four toothpicks. Be sure to insert the toothpicks into the ground until they are at least halfway immersed in the soil. When you protect your seedlings in this way, you protect them against caterpillars who may inadvertently destroy stems. Helping the garden grow and look its best may win over potential home buyers.

Finally, keep in mind that the point of staging your home is attract home buyers and help them envision themselves living in your abode. You need to focus on making your home be appealing to the largest amount of home buyers possible, while also showcasing its unique charms that may win over a motivated home buyer. Toothpicks are an unusual but worthwhile tool in helping you stage your home to showcase your house at its best.

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