4 Tips For Finding A Pet-Friendly Apartment

Posted on: 14 April 2017

Apartment hunting can be tough, but when you have a pet to accommodate, the search becomes even more challenging. Many pet owners struggle to rent apartments that are pet-friendly. But, even if you do find a landlord who is willing to let you keep a pet, how can you find a home that will suit the needs of a pet owner?

Here are some tips for finding pet friendly rentals.

1. Look in the right area.

Pets are becoming more common, especially for younger renters who do not yet have children. When searching for a rental, try looking at first in areas that are attractive to younger demographics. Recent college graduates and couples are more likely to have pets. Talk to a realtor about communities that cater to these people. You're likely to find more landlords with relaxed pet policies.

Family-oriented communities are also a great place to look. With fewer high-rise apartment buildings and more converted bungalows and duplexes, your pet will have better access to immediate green space, and you're more likely to find flexible, family-friendly landlords who manage their own properties. 

2. Get close to the ground.

Ground level or basement living are the best for pet owners, especially dogs. It's much easier to commit to outdoor potty stops and walks without worrying about taking the elevator down to the ground floor first. If possible, look first for main floor or basement rentals before considering apartments that are only accessed by several flights of stairs.

3. Contact your local humane society.

Pet shelters and rescues may have contacts or leads on pet-friendly apartments for rent. They could point you in the direction of sympathetic owners who make provisions for responsible pet owners. 

4. Look for "small" rental businesses.

Large apartment complexes that are owned or operated by corporate-style property management companies will likely be inflexible about pet policies. It's best to approach landlords who have one or two individual properties to make the case for your pet. Even though many landlords may post "no pets", smaller enterprises may be willing to be flexible depending on your pet breed, the amount of your security deposit, and the references you provide for your responsible pet ownership. Get references from previous landlords and your vet, as these will hold the most weight. 

For more help finding an apartment that suits you and your pet, contact a realtor near you. You can, with the right preparation, find a great rental situation for your needs.