Why You Need Security Guards For Teen Events

Posted on: 21 May 2017

Are you planning a teen party? Perhaps the party is for your child or a loved one. There are numerous adults who mean well when they plan these events. Some of them assume that since there will be minors present, they do not have to worry about anything violent occurring. Unfortunately, there have been numerous situations when teen parties have ended in violence. This is why it is important for those planning these parties to consider whether they could handle being responsible for the unfortunate. Perhaps you are planning a party for a teen that will also have adult participants. This is even more of a reason to be cautious in your planning. Including a security company in your plans could benefit you in numerous ways. The following points will help you to better understand.


In some jurisdictions, citizens are legally required to have adequate security for parties that exceed a certain number of participants. This means that you could be in direct violation of the law by not having security guards at your teen's event. You might also be sanctioned for other things that transpire at the party if you do not properly plan according to local or state requirements.


Think of the many things that could go wrong at a teen party. Violence is not the only threat. Someone could get injured as the result of a fall or even ingesting something that they are allergic to. If you do not have security guards staffed, you could be legally viewed as being negligent. It is also possible that the parents of a child that is injured could sue you. Most trained security guards are equipped to handle dangers such as fights as well as administer CPR or other emergency response techniques as required. 


It is your responsibility as a parent or party planner to provide the safest environment for attendees at the event you plan. You will have peace of mind if you include security guards, and your guests and their parents will too. 

A security company is a good resource to use to determine even more reasons why you need trained security guards at teen events. They can also help you to determine the number of trained professionals that you need. You may think that a few of your adults can help you manage a teen party, but consider whether any of you are trained to handle a violent situation.