Renting An Apartment Remotely? 3 Tips To Feel Confident About Your Decision

Posted on: 25 May 2017

In most situations, when you are applying for a job or an apartment, you will check it out in person to make sure you are not missing out on any important details. But, your current position may have it so that the best thing you can do is rent an apartment remotely, which can seem a little scary. It is possible for your family and friends to have minimal or no experience with renting a place from far away. However, you can enjoy a positive outcome by following several tips to feel confident in the choice you make.

Virtual Tour or Personal Video

It might be tempting to start filling out an application once you find a place with a few photos that you love. Apartment communities are going to showcase great features and then they will show people around the place to determine whether the community and unit is a place where they want to live. But, when you are not going to be able to visit in person before moving there, you should make sure you are able to find a virtual tour, get one from management, or receive a video tour of the apartment.

Google Street View

Another way that you can build confidence about picking a certain apartment is Google Street View. It is hard to get an idea of what the surrounding area will be like without driving up and down the streets. But, this feature makes it possible to see what everything looks like in and around the neighborhood. You can even go as far as using Street View to look at what your daily commute would be like in a certain place. Since there is not an alternative, you should focus on apartments that have this viewing as an option.

One Year Lease or Shorter

When you are not able to see a place in person, it makes sense that you may find certain things you would change about the unit, complex, or neighborhood after moving in. This does not mean that you will want to move out as soon as the lease is up, but you may know that you want to try out somewhere else. It is worth looking for apartments that allow leases that are one year or even shorter. A six-month lease should give you plenty of time to determine whether you want to renew and it will put you in the place where you want to live so that you can look at the next apartment communities in person beforehand.

By following these tips, you should be able to find apartments for rent that you will love.