Don't Forget About These Features When You Look For A Home

Posted on: 5 June 2017

The task of looking for a home isn't an easy one. It might be fun for many, and exciting for sure if you're really looking forward to owning a home, but there is a lot to do. When you see a house and start looking around at all its features, it helps to keep a list of things to check out so that you don't forget anything. When you make that list before you go, remember to add these items and check them out thoroughly to ensure they aren't going to be an issue should you move in.

Noise Insulation

How quiet do you need it to be in the house? Do you want to be sure you can't hear people in the next room? Check out the noise insulation in the house, both between the inside and outside, and between rooms. If you can hear absolutely everything the person next door is doing, that could be an issue later on. Also, check out how sound echoes around a house that has a "great room"-type foyer and living room, where the room is open to the whole house and has no division between floors.

Window Accessibility

Many newer homes have very tall windows, or smaller windows up toward the very tall ceiling. How accessible are these for cleaning and for covering up? You won't want to leave them uncovered because, even though they're high up, someone with a drone can see inside, as happened in Utah in 2017, when a couple used a drone to spy inside homes and apartments, even on upper floors. If there are already window coverings on those windows, ensure the cords and rods are long enough so that you can use them.

Driveway Angle

Is the house on a hill? What's the driveway like? Driveways should be sloped, but some are steeper than others. Is the angle just fine, or will part of the driveway be unusable because it will be impossible to keep your door open long enough to get out on the steep slope?

Not all houses will have these issues; there are many with sensibly sloped driveways, accessible windows, and excellent noise insulation. You just have to be sure the house you buy is acceptable enough to you, and one of the best ways to do that is to go through that list of items at each showing. Your real estate agent can also help you think of other features you should inspect. For more information, visit websites like