Approach Residents In An Apartment You'Re Considering To Ask These Questions

Posted on: 18 July 2017

When you're planning to rent an apartment with your family, touring the unit, the building, and the grounds with a rental agent will be valuable. However, you don't have to immediately make up your mind. After you and the rental agent have bid each other farewell, you can gain valuable knowledge about the apartment by hanging out in the lobby or outside the building and approaching residents to ask a few questions. Not everyone will be eager to answer, but you'll likely find a handful of people who can give you a few minutes of time to help you form an opinion about renting the apartment. Here are some questions that you should be sure to ask:

How Quiet Is Life Here?

No one wants to move into an apartment building that is loud, and residents are the best source for getting an accurate idea about how quiet the building may be. Break down your question by asking about noises from within the building. For example, are residents generally quiet and unnoticeable, or are there loud parties on weekends? You can also ask about noises outside the apartment. If the building is found in a busy part of the city, for example, you'll want to know how well the structure is insulated to provide a barrier against traffic noise.

How Quickly Are Maintenance Issues Resolved?

Any apartment resident can encounter maintenance issues — what is important, though, is how quickly the superintendent or property manager addresses these issues. Ask a handful of people about what issues they may have experienced over the years and how quickly each issue was addressed. For example, you want to hear things such as if someone had a blockage below their kitchen sink, a plumber was on the scene to address the problem just a couple hours later.

Why Do You Enjoy Living Here?

Asking residents of the apartment why they enjoy living in the building is an open-ended question that can provide you with a variety of interesting answers. Ideally, you'll even hear some answers that you might not have considered. For example, someone may indicate that the apartment's location is ideal for commuters, given that there are bus and subway stops within a few blocks; this might not be something that you know. Or, someone may indicate that there are lots of senior citizens in the building, which makes it easy to make friends with people you meet in the elevators and lobby.

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