Three Tips For House Hunting When You Have A Growing Family

Posted on: 7 September 2017

When your family is growing, everything is changing. You have to get used to packing more lunches, caring for new little ones, and changing your schedule around to fit in more school-related activities. Whether you're planning on having one more child or three, it's important to take your growing family's changing needs into account as you hunt for the perfect family home. Here are three house hunting tips to follow when you have a growing family.

Pay close attention to the school district.

Even if your little ones are still a few years away from school age, be certain that you're moving into a decent school district. And don't just rely on test scores. Look for a school district that offers a lot of programs like a good arts department and plenty of sports. You may think you'll move again before your kids reach school age, but finances can change quickly when you have kids and there's a good chance you'll end up staying in this home even if that's not your Plan A.

Look for an efficient layout.

Surely you need the right number of bedrooms and plenty of space. But the layout of the home is equally as important. For instance, you don't want the master bedroom located downstairs and all of the other bedrooms upstairs -- this will make it impossible to watch over the kids. You also don't want the living room to be clear across the home from the kitchen, since you'll have a tough time supervising the kids as you cook. Think carefully about the layout of each home you look at and make sure it not only fits your lifestyle now, but will also fit your lifestyle once you have another kid or two.

Pay attention to the yard.

As your kids grow older, you will want to be able to let them play outside with a bit less supervision. For instance, letting them play outside while you peek out the window now and then will be very convenient. When you look at homes, make sure you choose one with a yard that allows for this growing independence. A fenced-in yard is a good choice, and you will also want a home that's well set back from the street.

In addition to following the tips above, make sure you look for a safe neighborhood and a home with plenty of storage. As you have more children and they grow up, you'll be thankful you put some thought into your home purchase.