Three Signs That You Can Live Near An Airport

Posted on: 24 September 2017

When people talk about living near an airport, they mostly do it with a negative connotation because of the perceived loud noises in such neighborhoods. While it is true that airport neighborhoods can be noisy, there are people who can still thrive in such locations. Here are three signs that you can live near an airport:

You Tolerate Noise Well

Some people sleep so lightly that they can be bothered by the sound of water splashing in a swimming pool while others can sleep in a concert. If you belong to the former category, then you shouldn't buy a home near an airport.

This is because airport neighborhoods tend to be very noisy. The sounds of planes taking off, landing or even taxing on the runways tend to be pretty loud. They can even be louder if your house is facing the runways. Expect the noise levels in bigger and busier airports to be more deafening than those from smaller or less busy airports. You can check the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) website for more information on noise levels at specific airports. 

You Are a Frequent Flier

As a frequent flyer, the benefit of living near an airport is obvious. The reduced commute time will reduce your flight time considerably. If you live far from an airport, you have to factor in commute time and live some allowance for potential traffic jams. Add this to the fact that airport vicinities tend to have excellent transport networks and provisions. Whether you want a cab, rental car or bus, most airports have such services. Living near an airport, therefore, makes your job easy if it entails frequent flying.

You Want To Take Advantage of Appreciating Property Prices

Airport neighborhoods tend to have strong economies. This is mainly because many airports serve as catalysts for many job opportunities. An airport needs security workers, the airport hotels need servers, and the hotels need staff workers. All these people need places to live, schools for their children, restaurants for eating, and healthcare facilities.  Therefore, as long as an airport isn't in a decline, it will contribute to the surrounding area's economy, and your property's value will appreciate.

Investing in an apartment in the vicinity of an airport can be a hit or a miss depending on the size of the airport, how busy it is and how much the economy of the area depends on it. You should only move into such an area after consulting real estate professionals and getting a good understanding of your future neighborhood.

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