Insight And Tips To Help Make Your Home More Attractive For Its Sale

Posted on: 9 October 2017

When it is time to sell your home, you have many options to get it on the market and sold. You can hire a full-cost real estate agent, use the services of a discount realtor, or sell the home yourself. Selling your home by yourself can save you several thousand dollars in commission, which you can put toward other expenses of moving and setting up your new household. Here are some tips you can use to make your home more attractive to buyers to help you sell your home without a realtor.

Stage Your Home

If you choose to sell your home without using a real estate agent, you will need to do the work yourself that your agent would normally do for you. This includes staging your home to look attractive, inviting and a place in which a potential buyer could imagine themselves living. For example, if there is clutter throughout your home's interior with boxes, dirty dishes, and laundry, it can be off-putting to a buyer. And clutter can make your home's interior spaces look smaller than they actually are. Staging your home allows you to decorate and place furniture inside your home that best utilizes the space and creates an attractive layout.

You can complete the staging yourself by decluttering and removing all personal items from inside your home and renting a storage unit. Leave a minimal amount of decorative furniture inside your home to showcase each living space. You can hire a professional interior designer to complete the task for you and maximize your home's selling potential. The fee to hire a professional home staging professional averages $1,280 on a national cost. This can be especially helpful if you have moved from your home and it is vacant, as they will decorate and furnish your home to showcase its potential to buyers.

Offer Seller Financing

Another way you can make your home more attract and help sell it is to make it available to a larger market of buyers. Buyers who are not in a position to secure traditional bank financing may still want to buy a home in today's market and can afford the payment, they just need your help in the transaction.

As the seller, you have the ability to set up a purchase contract with a buyer and let them make payments to you over time according to the interest rate you have both agreed to in a purchase contract. This allows you to make money on the mortgage in the way of receiving interest on their payments. The buyer can choose to refinance the seller financing with you at any time, or you can write it into the financing contract.

If you do need a cash payment, you can ask the buyer to make a certain down payment toward the purchase. The buyer can then, make payments to cover the principle and interest and any property tax and insurance, which would go into an escrow account and is dispersed to you and to pay towards your mortgage. Having an escrow company acting as a mediator between you and the buyer helps to ensure you don't default on your mortgage as the buyer pays for the home. You can file a mortgage lien on the property and if the buyer defaults, you can legally foreclose on the property to take it back.


One of the most important steps for making your home attractive to buyers is to advertise its existence on the market. With all the social media platforms and internet classifieds home listings websites available to advertise your home on, you can get the word out you are selling your home. Then, be sure to place a large sign in your home's front yard to attract drive-by buyers and you will generate interest in your home from potential buyers.