Including These Things Won'T Necessarily Make Your House More Enticing To Buyers

Posted on: 27 October 2017

The things that you include when you sell your home can have an impact on the price at which you sell it and even how many offers you receive. For example, a new set of stainless steel kitchen appliances, which can collectively cost several thousand dollars, will make your house more appealing than a similar house at a similar price but that doesn't come with the appliances. However, there are several things that you might think to include in the sale, but that actually won't make your listing more appealing. Here are some examples.

Curtains And Blinds

Many sellers include the curtains and blinds from throughout their home as part of the sale, but you won't often find buyers for whom this detail is overly appealing. For example, people often have different tastes, which means that the buyer may not like the look of your curtains and blinds, and thus plan to remove them soon after taking possession. Or, the buyer may have his or her own curtains and blinds, and would thus be removing yours anyway.

Old Furniture

Some sellers specify that certain pieces of furniture will be included in the sale of the house. This often can seem generous, but it usually serves the seller. For example, if the seller has a large sectional sofa that he or she doesn't want to remove from the basement, it's easier to say that the sofa is included with the house. Unless you're selling to a first-time buyer who doesn't own any furniture, you're likely to find that this sort of inclusion isn't very appealing. In fact, some buyers may specify in their offer that they want you to remove the furniture before they take possession.

Patio Set

You'll occasionally see homes for sale that include a patio set, and while some buyers might appreciate having a patio set upon moving in, this isn't likely a detail that will attract more buyers. The average buyer likely already has some manner of patio set that he or she will be moving with, and even those without may get hand-me-downs from family members or, in some cases, be able to find patio sets in acceptable condition at the curb on garbage day. It's OK to include your patio set if it's in good condition, but don't plan on raising the listing price of your house as a result. If you have any doubt about what items you should include or not include in the same, consult your real estate agent.