How A Realtor Assists With Selling Your Home

Posted on: 22 October 2019

Are you preparing to sell your home, but are not sure if you want to use an agent? Having to give up a portion of the sales price as a commission may be tempting you to sell the home on your own. However, here are some ways that a real estate agent can assist with making the sale easier for you.

Staging The Home

Will you be moved out of your home when people are stopping by for showings? You may have a problem where it is difficult to show your home while it is empty. Buyers will have a hard time falling in love with a home when there are plenty of empty rooms, since they won't be able to envision what the rooms could look like. 

A realtor will have access to furniture that they can use to stage your home so that it doesn't look so empty. Even having a few basic things, like a couch in the living room and a dining table for the dining room, can go a long way in helping a buyer picture what the home could look like. 

Hosting Open Houses And Showings

It takes a lot of work to let people into your home for open houses and showings, and both of these situations go much smoother if the seller is not around. Buyers may feel uneasy about discussing the house with the owner within earshot of them talking, and simply not talk honestly about it with their partner. 

In addition, the time it takes to show a house can be overwhelming. Buyers will want to see the home at a moments notice, and you may be at work or unavailable to do so at the time. This can cause you to miss out on a potential buyer because you are not free during the day.

Pricing The Home

There are many tools online that will create an estimate of how much your home will sell for, but they cannot be trusted. Those tools do not go into the level of detail that a realtor will when trying to find the right price for your home. It involves going through the past few years of sold homes in your area and finding ones that are similar to yours, which will give you a great idea of what kind of money you can actually get. Price a home incorrectly and you could lose out on thousands of dollars.