4 Reasons A Real Estate Agent Knows A Great Deal About Selling Homes

Posted on: 2 November 2020

Are you ready to move? If you are like a lot of homeowners, you will seek out a real estate agent for help with selling your home. Just this one initial action can make all the difference in how quickly you sell your home and even how much you end up reaping from the sale. The agents in the real estate field are well versed in selling homes, and it is not just because they are educated in the industry. Generally, a good agent will have a great deal of experience that affords them valuable insight into what helps a home sell. 

1. Agents understand the economics of pricing your home. 

Pricing a home is rarely as straightforward as it seems. You may be looking at getting back what you paid for the house, but an agent is going to be looking at:

  • How to get you the most profit 
  • How similar homes are priced in the area 
  • How the home value has changed since your purchase 
  • How much buyers are willing to pay 

2. Agents know how to appropriately highlight your home's best features. 

All homes have their positives and negatives, and the attributes can be a bit ambiguous depending on the buyer. For example, you may love the idea that your home has a large lot, but some buyers may see the larger lot as more to take care of. An agent can help you highlight the potential positives in the best way. Using the large lot as an example, the agent may highlight the size but use verbiage to show how easy the lot is to manage. 

3. Agents know what advertising practices are most effective for your specific property. 

Inexperienced home sellers will often throw out their advertisements in every direction in hopes that the listing will get the right attention. As effective as it can be to get your property listing before as many eyes as possible, it is always better to place the listing right where it needs to be. Real estate agents are highly familiar with the best advertising venues and what homes garner the most attention in each venue. 

4. Agents see firsthand what buyers are looking for in a home. 

Real estate agents work with buyers just the same as they do sellers. Therefore, they get to see firsthand what buyers are looking for in a new home in modern times. For instance, if there is an upward trend in buyers looking for homes with a mudroom, the agent may help you transform a small back entryway into just that to make the home more desirable.