Ready To Sell? Do These Things Before Calling A Real Estate Agent

Posted on: 9 November 2020

Without a doubt, calling a real estate agent should be one of the first steps on the road to selling your home. An agent will guide you through much of the process, from setting a price to vetting offers. However, calling an agent is not the very first step you should take when getting ready to sell your home. There are actually a few things you should do first. 

Think about your timeline.

Before contacting a real estate agent, sit down and get a clear idea of your timeline. Determine the latest date on which you can plan to move. Figure out if there is a specific date by which you need to list the home, based on your work schedule and other obligations. Is there a date you need to be out of town, whether or not your home has actually sold at that point? Make note of that date, too. When you do meet with a real estate agent, being able to present this timeline will help them make better recommendations as to how you should price the home, what changes you should make before the sale, and how many open houses you should hold.

Make any small, inexpensive repairs.

Whether or not it's worth making big repairs, like replacing the windows or roof, will depend. You will want to wait for your real estate agent's opinion on these matters. But without a doubt, real estate agents are going to tell you to repair small, inexpensive issues, such as broken door handles, missing caulk, and scuffed walls. A good guideline is this: if you can fix it in less than 20 minutes and for less than $20, just do it.

Start tidying up the exterior.

Your home's exterior will make a first impression, not only on buyers but on real estate agents, too. Start tidying up the landscaping before you have a real estate agent come check the place out. Make sure the lawn is nicely mowed, and kill any weeds. Put a fresh layer of mulch down on your garden beds, plant some colorful flowers, and pull any weeds. You may also want to edge your garden beds and paths if they are looking a little messy.

If you tackle the three tasks above before contacting a real estate agent, things should move along faster and more efficiently once you do contact an agent. Good luck with the sale of your home!