3 Questions for Your Home Inspector

Posted on: 21 December 2020

Was your offer on a home accepted by the buyer? If so, the next step is going to be to get a home inspection. This your opportunity to have a professional look at the condition of the home and know which items should be fixed. Here are a few questions you will likely have for your home inspector before you decide to hire them.

How Will You Inspect the Roof?

A home inspector is definitely going to take a look at the roof to see if it is in good condition. However, the extent of the roof inspection will depend on the inspector that you use. Some home inspectors will get on the roof and give it a thorough examination, while others will go on to the roof and give it a visual inspection. Always ask what kind of inspection you will receive when it comes to the roof because you want to make sure that you know of potential problems that could be there.

Will You Inspect the Insulation?

Determining how much insulation is in a home is a bit harder to do without the right tools. That's because a home inspector will need an infrared camera to determine how energy-efficient the home is. The camera essentially tells the inspector how hot or cold the home is when looking at surface temperature, which can tell how much insulation is behind the walls. Since the only other way to measure the insulation is to open up the walls, an infrared camera will tell you what you need to know without causing damage to the home. 

Will You Check for Mold? 

Mold testing is sometimes a service that home inspectors offer—typically at an additional cost. This is done by placing mold inspection kits in the home during the inspection and then another kit outside to get a baseline reading of the mold in the area. Those kits are then sent off to a lab so that the mold can be identified. You'll then find out if there is more mold inside the house than outside the house and whether it's a danger to your health.

Not sure what other services your home inspector will offer? Ask them for more details about their service before they come out to the home. You may even be able to see the criteria they use to inspect a home so that you know what will be looked at.