What Are The Benefits Of A Retirement Community?

Posted on: 18 August 2021

If you are nearing retirement age and you want a change, then consider moving to a retirement community. These communities have many amenities depending on the costs. Many people confuse retirement communities with assisted living. While both can share some services, they are very different. Here is more to know about retirement living, its benefits, and the difference between it and assisted living communities.

What Is a Retirement Community?

Retirement communities go by many different names. They are also known as independent living communities, 55-plus communities, and active senior communities. They are generally independent apartments, townhomes, or single homes with shared community amenities. Seniors who live in these communities are mostly or fully independent and need little or no assistance to live on their own.

What Benefits Do Retirement Communities Have?

Many retirement communities offer amenities to make a senior's life easier. For example, some communities include landscape care and house cleaning. Prepared meals and transportation are also often available in retirement communities. Many retirement communities have organized social activities. Extra security is another benefit of senior communities.

Other amenities you may see in some retirement communities include added health, fitness, and entertainment options. Some communities have a communal fitness center, so you don't have to buy your own equipment. Others may include community pools, tennis courts, and golf amenities.

How Is a Retirement Community Different From Assisted Living?

While many retired people live in assisted living, they are not the same as a retirement community per se. Assisted living communities have more focus on medical care and help with everyday activities. An assisted living facility is more likely to have a nurse onsite most or all of the day or night. The living spaces may not have a full kitchen, and the facility provides most or all meals. While many assisted living residents can live independently, extra help is there if they need it.

With retirement living, you live pretty much as you would before you moved into the facility, only easier. Some retirement communities may have medical staff that can help in emergencies or transport you to your appointments. You may also get meals for an extra cost, but you can still shop for and cook your own food if you like. You live your life as independently as possible.

If you are an independent senior who wants to be a part of an active community, consider moving to a retirement community. Most retirement communities are designed with retired seniors in mind. While amenities vary, you will likely find one with the lifestyle and services you like. Contact a retirement community near you to get information and a tour to see if it's right for you.