Choosing The Right Furnished Apartment For Work Stays

Posted on: 3 November 2022

Traveling for work is not uncommon; sometimes, you may have to stay in an area for an extended period. Whether you're training employees in a new office, helping a particular department in another branch of your company, etc., you might find yourself in a position where you'll be staying in a city far from home for a while. It could be a few weeks or even a few months. 

When you search for a place to stay during that time, you'll likely want to choose a furnished apartment because it would be pointless to buy new furniture for a temporary stay. Luckily, there are many fully furnished extended stay options for people traveling for work, and finding a place that suits your needs won't be challenging. Here are some things to consider that will help you find the right furnished apartment when you're staying somewhere for work:


An essential thing to consider when searching for furnished apartments for a work assignment is their quality. You want to choose a place that's nice enough for you to feel comfortable during your stay. You must pay attention to the apartment and the entire complex because you don't want to deal with issues like rowdy neighbors, etc.

Distance from Your Job

You will want to find a furnished apartment that isn't too far from where you'll be working, so you don't have to travel long distances daily to get there. You should find out the address of your temporary workplace and search in that general area for extended-stay furnished housing or corporate housing if there's any available.


The price of the furnished apartment you choose is essential because you don't want to lose money while working in another city. Sometimes, your company will pay all or some of the rental costs. You also don't want to choose a place that's too inexpensive because there will be a reason for the low price—typically an undesirable location or complex.

Length of Stay Options

What options does the apartment complex offer for short-term stays? Will they be flexible if your work assignment ends up shorter than expected? Be sure to speak with the managers to figure out your options so you don't incur unnecessary fees.


Besides work, you won't have a lot of options to fill your time while you're away on your work assignment. You likely won't have many people you know around to hang out with, so you should choose an apartment complex with good amenities to have something to do in your spare time. Many will have swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, fitness centers, etc.

To find a furnished apartment for rent, contact a real estate agent in your destination area.