Consider One Of These Two-Bedroom Townhome Floor Plans

Posted on: 8 March 2023

A two-bedroom townhome is a popular choice for many people. If you're single or have a partner, you might like this type of dwelling because it provides an extra bedroom that you can use as a home office or a guest room. If you have one or more children, a two-bedroom townhome can provide living quarters for you and your kids — possibly with a bunk bed in the second bedroom. When you begin to browse this type of home, you'll see lots of different floor plans. Here are three common layouts.

Bathroom In Between 

It's very common to see a two-bedroom townhome in which there's a bathroom positioned directly between the two bedrooms. Many people find this layout to be highly convenient, especially at night. For example, when any member of the family needs to use the bathroom during the night, they'll only need to take a few steps out of their room. This can be preferable to walking down a long hall for some people. Depending on the size of the townhome, the bathroom between the two bedrooms may be the only one, or there may be another bathroom elsewhere in the residence.

Side By Side

You can also expect to see a number of townhomes in which the two bedrooms are positioned beside one another. Often, the bathroom will be adjacent to one of the bedrooms. For example, if you come up the stairs, you might see a bathroom, followed by two bedrooms. A lot of parents of young children favor this type of floor plan. The close proximity between the two bedrooms means that a parent will be able to easily hear if their infant is fussy during the night. When the bedrooms are spaced farther apart, this may not be as easy.

Opposite Ends

There are lots of townhomes that feature bedrooms at each end of the floor. The distance between these two living spaces can be enticing in certain situations. For example, if your child is a teenager, you might like this floor plan because it gives the teen more privacy than if their bedroom were next to yours. Teens often appreciate having privacy as they grow up, and this type of townhome will be conducive to this. The bathroom can be in various locations. Often, it's positioned outside of the larger bedroom, but it may also be situated roughly in the middle of the two bedrooms. Consider these three popular floor plans when you look for a two-bedroom townhome