Tips For Listing A Home That Is A Fixer-Upper

Posted on: 11 May 2023

Are you ready to sell your home, but it is clearly a fixer-upper that needs a bit of work? If you cannot afford to make renovations to the home, then you'll definitely need to sell it as is. Here are some tips for listing your home for sale that can help it stand out in a good way.

Focus On The Potential

Your real estate listing will give you the opportunity to write a narrative about your home that potential buyers will read. This is an area where you want to focus on the potential that the home has, rather than the current state of the home. For example, does the home have the original hardwood floors buried under the carpeting? Those floors could easily be refinished and make the space shine, but a buyer won't know unless you focus on it.

Highlight What Can't Be Changed

A fixer-upper home in a good neighborhood can still be really desirable to buyers. That's why you want to highlight the things that cannot be changed about the house that are positive features. Things like the local neighborhood and school district often play a big role to buyers with families. The layout and square footage of the home may also be very desirable, which are very difficult to change unless you have the money to do so. Point out these things so that a buyer is aware of something unique to your home that can justify the work of renovating it. 

Be Honest About The Condition

There is no point in trying to hide the fact that your home is a fixer-upper. People are going to eventually tour the home, and when they see the condition of it, they might choose to walk away. You actually want to attract a buyer that wants a fixer-upper, so be honest about the home's current condition.

It's also beneficial to be honest about what needs to be fixed. A potential buyer is more likely to be reactive to a problem that they feel you are hiding from them and will want to pay less for the home as a result. 

Price The Home Correctly

It can be challenging to come up with a price for your home when you don't have a similar home to compare it to. Consider working with a realtor in your area that can help do this research for you. They'll come up with a price that is fair for the work that needs to be done and hopefully price the home right where you can easily find a buyer. 

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