Real Estate

  • 2 Things To Look For In A New Apartment

    When you start looking at new apartments, you might be more concerned about finding a place close to your college campus and great restaurants than you are about anything else. However, while it is always nice to have a short commute and access to decent takeout, those things might pale in comparison with other features later. Here are two things to look for in a new apartment, so that you don't regret signing that contract. [Read More]

  • The Benefits Of Selling Your Ugly Duckling House

    Believe it or not, your eyesore of a home is actually greatly beneficial to you, especially where you wallet is concerned. Learn just why your ugly duckling house is going to net you many benefits when it comes time to sell, and why you shouldn't do anything to upgrade your home in the meantime: The potential swan appeal Maybe your home's design is completely ludicrous. Maybe your main door entry is via the garage or the deep gray brick with hot pink trim just isn't cutting it. [Read More]

  • Stay Profitable And Respectful - Tips For Communicating With Tenants

    Deciding to go into the property management business can be extremely rewarding, but it is certainly not without its challenges. Outside of the costs and difficulties associated with maintaining various properties, building strong and positive relationships with your tenants can be the most difficult challenge that a property manager is likely to face. Below, you'll find a guide to some tips that should help you communicate more effectively with your tenants. [Read More]

  • A Few Facts You Should Know Before Buying Real Estate In Lake Forest IL

    When buying real estate in Lake Forest IL for the first time, you may find that the process of finding the perfect home and successfully purchasing this home is a bit confusing and maybe even a bit overwhelming at times. These feelings are quite normal amongst first time home buyers. Unfortunately, these feelings of confusion and unfamiliarity can also prevent many potential home buyers from realizing their dream of owning their own home. [Read More]